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Drive-by Blogging

The internet is a large ever expanding place. In this vast ocean how can you find interesting Reads. One way is to join . They advertise it as a way to get traffic to your Blog, but in truth it is an addictive trap.

You get traffic to your blog by reading other blogs (the trap). They have set up an interface that encourages drive-by blog reading (addictive). You read a blog for at least 30 seconds then click the button and you are sent to another blog at random. Each blog you read earns you credit toward having others read your blog.

Hi, My name is Walt and I'm a drive-by blogging addict.

Most of the time I find myself viewing a blog for much longer then 30 seconds or I blogroll it and move on and read it the next time it shows on my blogroll as being updated. Reading other blogs at random has given me a wider outlook on what makes a good blog and creative things that can be done. Try surfing the Blog Explosion today.

Sure it might get you some more traffic to your blog, but it also makes you feel part of a larger community. Those dropping in from Blog Explosion take the time and say Hi.