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The Left's Lunacy

A plane flying into Houston to pick up President Bush (41) crashed just before making the airport.

Reuters reports:

A team of investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and FBI agents went to the scene, and officials said the crash appeared to be an accident.

The Gulfstream jet was supposed to take Bush, the father of President Bush, to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to make a speech to the chamber of commerce, Bush aide Tom Frechette said.

The trip was canceled after Bush, who lives in Houston, got word of the crash upon arriving at William P. Hobby Airport, he said.

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the plane crash this morning," Bush said in a statement. "I have flown with this crew before and know them well. I join in sending heartfelt condolences to each and every member of their families."

So how does the wacky left look at this tragic event? Read American Lady she was poking around the Democratic Underground and caught some sick thought patterns.

Blogs of War also caught some of the conversation. To their credit the Democratic Underground took the thread down and removed this line of sickness.

It is amazing how often those on the left go quickly over the edge. Conspiracy is a second language to them. The American Lady read this quote and responded so.

"Either they'll tie it to the Iranians or they'll tie it to some activist group on the left.Or use it as an excuse to impose martial law."

I can't even respond to this one. My hands have been moving over the keyboard for a minute, I can't even type anything. What the hell do you respond to that?

It's like saying that Bill Clinton didn't do much in his administration to catch terrorists because he WANTED 9/11 to happen so that President Bush would look like the worse President. It's a REALLY STUPID theory, and it doesn't even make any sense.
As is often the case the "intelligence" on the left can only be deciphered by an equally unbalanced person. When it comes to original instability the left beats all comers hands down.

The truly sad thing about this is that when the plane went down the thoughts expressed by those on the Democratic Underground were far too easy to predict.

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