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Kerry's non-honorable discharge

Earl Lively makes solid case senator left Navy under a cloud.

There is overwhelming evidence that the Navy gave John Kerry either a dishonorable discharge or an undesirable discharge – which is the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge without the felony conviction – and that, as a result of such discharge, he was stripped of all of his famous but questionable Navy awards and medals. And the kicker? The evidence is on his website!
I wrote a blurb earlier where I speculated that the reason Kerry did not release his Military records was because of what would be exposed. The article above connects the dots and exposes the likelihood that Kerry received an undesirable Discharge.

So here is Kerry's resume.

Most Poll driven politician, ever!
Rather then stretch the truth he constantly Lies outright.
20 years of mediocre performance in the senate.
No executive experience.
Admitted war criminal.
Discharged under undesirable circumstances.

Who wouldn't be proud to have a president with this resume.


Anonymous said...

This has to be the stupidest article ever. Two weeks before it was written the Navy inspector general issued a memo stating that Kerry's medals were not reissued in 1985 at all, but were simply copies requested after years of correspondence, and signed by machine per Navy procedure. Even Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times found that out by calling the Navy ... two weeks before this article was written. Oh, and by the way, the Navy also told him that there was nothing wrong with Kerry's discharge. He'd been transferred to the Standby Reserves-Inactive in 1972, not discharged. They told Scarborough that the board review and discharge in 1978 was standard operating procedure for reserve officers.

Good Lord, you people are dumb.