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Was Kerry's original discharge less than honorable?

I don't think anyone will know for sure. Kerry could have released his military records by just signing a standard form 180. Since he refused to do that and the MSM backed off quickly once they saw some records on Kerry's web site we will never know what he needed to keep a secret.

PoliPundit suggests this method to get Kerry to release his records. He would have President Bush address this issue so:

My fellow Americans. Both Senator Kerry and I have been subject to intense speculation about our military records. Because I am the Commander in Chief I knew that when I gave orders to release my records, those orders would be carried out. Even so the AP has had considerable difficulty getting the release of those records. I didn’t sign Standard Form 180 and neither did Senator Kerry.

I think we were both wrong.

So, before you tonight, I am signing a SF-180. Here it is.

And I have a copy of an SF-180 for Senator Kerry’s convenience to sign as well.

Our signatures will guarantee the voters of America, that by tomorrow, anyone can get full and free access to our records to answer any questions they may have as well.
I wish we could see the details of Kerry's complete record but his need for secrets is larger than his need to come clean with the American people.

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