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Bush, Passion & The American People

This was the Presidents best performance and I predict that the spot polls will prove me right.

His strength during this debate was his passion. Every time he may have got stuck he was able to go back to his passion, education. His belief that the biggest hindrance in our society and our education system is the "soft bigotry of low expectations" was very apparent. He didn't use these words tonight, but the feeling is still in his heart and that fact showed throughout this debate.

Kerry had plans? At least that's what he said, but he lacked passion.

The race is going to go down to the wire, but I think that after this debate President Bush is closer to that wire than Kerry is.

The American people are not stupid and when push comes to shove during this next election the American people will shove Kerry out the door and place President Bush back in the drivers seat of this great country.

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