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Whose Lying Now?

In the Washington Post today.  When the main stream media is forced to point out the lies coming from the Obama Campaign then you know that the lies are lower then low.  Starting off with a Spanish Language ad that implies (through association) McCain is racist toward Mexican immigrants. Read more on Obama's Segregationist tactics.

Closing the Whopper Gap

   By Ruth Marcus
   Monday, September 22, 2008; Page A15
The symmetry of sin is suddenly looking more equal. Last week, I flayed John McCain for dishonesty -- flagrant and repeated dishonesty -- about Barack Obama's proposals. Obama was by no means blameless, I argued, but his lapses were nowhere near as egregious as his opponent's. I stand by everything I wrote.

But a series of new Obama attacks requires a rebalancing of the scales: Obama has descended to similarly scurrilous tactics on the stump and on the air.  Read more.