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Obama's Double Standard

Obama imus
Video sent by dollarsandsense123

Barack Obama talks about offensive comedic remarks made by Don Imus and shows a gigantic double standard. In this video I think he shows proper judgment in his assessment. Here he shows concern for his daughters and talks about not going on Imus' show because he doesn't want to be an enabler.

I would like to know why he didn't apply this good sense to the church he attended. Taking his two young daughters to an environment that not only preaches love but also hate in my opinion is a confusing way to raise impressionable young girls.

Why did he choose to be an enabler of Pastor Wright for 20 years. He asks us to believe that he never heard the worst examples of Pastor Wright such as the Aids rant or the God Damn America rant. It is hard for me to believe he didn't know, since this philosophy is part of Pastor Wright's Theology.

Barack Obama easily passed judgment on Imus after a short offensive statement and decided then and there not to be an enabler, but I guess as long as bigotry is in the form of a religion he is OK with it.

Update: It seems that someone strung together a video of this double standard.