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Obama - Judgment = Just Another Politician

After the events of the last week I think all of those people who pray at the alter of Obama-mania will have to think twice. After the videos of his pastor of the last 20 years surfaced all over the web and television Obama responded with the same old dishonest political methods.

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1. Obama and his group attacked the messenger by trying to insinuate that they are isolated statements taken out of context. That the media was just peddling a characterization of the pastor. The truth is that the church was peddling their DVDs of his presumably best sermons in their gift shop. One could assume that these sermons are his proudest moments.

2. He took the attitude that we all have a crazy uncle in our family and we just look the other way and pretend he doesn't really embarrass us. He says that everyone has experienced pastors with positions they didn't agree with. As if radical Pastors, priests or Rabbis are a common occurrence around the USA.

There are two problems with this thinking.

The first problem is that you can't pick your family. You can choose where you go to church and can choose to use sound judgment not to subject your daughters to sermons that preach so much good mixed with messages of hate. How do young girls sort through and separate the good from the hate?

Second, the rest of America does not run into pastors with radical views in their churches. This is the worst form of moral equivalency, equating hate speech with say the struggle in some churches between "choice" and "life." There is no comparison but the Democrats, in this case Obama, think that all these things are on a morally equal footing. After all it's all relative.

The vast majority of folks in this country, if they heard their pastor preaching hate, would stand up and confront the hate. If it turned out the hate was part of the church doctrine they would walk and find another church.

He hasn't led in his own church. He hasn't been able to confront, educate or persuade his own pastor, he sat there like a lamb, nodding in agreement. How can we expect him to confront dictators around the world.

3. Shock! He acknowledges that what the Pastor said was terrible and he doesn't agree with any of it. He clarifies his position further by saying he never actually witnessed this kind of rhetoric while he was in the pews of his church and wasn't aware of any controversy until the start of his campaign.

So he honestly expects us to believe that after being active in the church for 20 years he only became aware of Pastor Wright's extremist views a year ago?

4. He gives an excellently sounding speech where he now says,

"Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes."
I will let others dissect the speech but this speech struck me has a bait and switch scheme. Instead of addressing the reason he stayed in this church with his daughters even though he knew they would be exposed to controversial hate speech. He changed the subject to excuse the Pastor and imply that this hate speech was understandable etc...

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So it turns out that the Saviour is just another politician excellent in the time tested tradition of political double talk.