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Miers' Derailed by Mainstream

The Democratic party just doesn't get it. They believe the extreme right was against this nomination. This is evidenced by their current advice to the President.

Senator Reid said, "In choosing a replacement for Ms. Miers, President Bush should not reward the bad behavior of his right wing base. He should reject the demands of a few extremists and choose a justice who will protect the constitutional rights of all Americans."

Senator Schumer said, "“If the president continues to listen to that extreme wing, on judicial nominations or anything else, it could only spell trouble for his presidency and for America,"” Schumer said.

Senator Kennedy said, "The president has an opportunity now to unite the country. In appointing the next nominee, he must listen to all Americans, not just the far right."

Senator Feingold said, "It is now more important than ever that the President select a nominee for the Supreme Court who will bring our country together."
This just is not so. The left has alway referred to the social conservatives as the "extreme right". The social conservatives dare I say the "Christian Right" was very much behind this nominee. They believed that they had a person that would vote the way they wanted on abortion.

Those against her nomination were the mainstream conservatives that wanted more than just a vote on abortion, we want someone that understands why this is the right vote. We don't think that personal property should be taken by big government. We think that individual rights were the norm not the exception when the constitution was drafted.

Conservative justices (those that interpret the constitution) traditionally support individual rights over big government.

Here in North Carolina we have a Democratic Governor and legislature but we have a majority of conservatives as judgeships. I have talked with many Democrats in this state that vote Democrat for politicians but vote conservative for judges. The Christian right was perfectly happy with Meirs

Just one last time slower and louder for those that don't understand...It was the main stream conservatives that were against Harriet Miers nomination.