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Confused Dems Should Consult with Each Other

Today we even get conflicting opinions in regard to if President Bush consulted with the Democrats prior to nominating Harriet Meirs.

Can the Dems at least get their stories straight:

Senator Harry Reid said, "I had recommended that the President consider nominating Ms. Miers because I was impressed with her record of achievement as the managing partner of a major Texas law firm and the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association. In those roles she was a strong supporter of law firm diversity policies and a leader in promoting legal services for the poor.

Senator Schumar said, "Bush’s failure to sufficiently consult with the Senate before nominating Miers had led to a flawed nominee."

“When we do it again, the President should do it right: slowly, deliberately, carefully, with real consultation and real consensus,” he said.

So what was it? Did the Senate minority leader recommend Harriet Miers or was there no consultation?

I think Chuckie just meant the President didn't consult him. Maybe Senator Schumer should become a leader in his own party then maybe someone would let him in on the big picture.