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A Vacation for Your Butt

Have you ever been sitting on the toilet thinking to yourself, this is an amazing device but wouldn't it be better if I squatted as nature intended?

Well yes it would be. A company called Ginacor, Inc has created the "Healthstep" and got it approved by the FDA as a medical device.

From their site they say,

Studies show that using the squat position for elimination is more effective for complete evacuation of waste and toxins. (see below) This position helps prevent hemorrhoids and provides relief from bloating and constipation.

The patent-pending HealthStep® design has been carefully engineered based on the anatomical structure of the human body, specifically the pelvis, the digestive tract, the colon and the legs, hips and feet. The footpads are at the precise angle for your body to be in perfect alignment for complete and total elimination.

The Healthstep® is the simple, profound solution for achieving complete elimination. Complete elimination means less bloating and relief from constipation and hemorrhoids. Feel healthy, light, and full of energy. Feel younger.

How did we ever get along without one. This one product if put in widespread use could bring peace to the Middle-east and virtually eliminate stresses between the European Union and the current U.S. administration. That is, as long as it works as advertised.

They have testimonials on their from "real clients", I thought of making lite of what these people are saying, but nothing I can say will make these testimonials more entertaining.

“It just felt better using it. The hemorrhoid actually went away. It hasn’t come back.” – Writer / Producer

“I love the HealthStep. I am planning to recommend it to my friends, especially the one’s that are pregnant. It really does make things easier.” – Pregnancy Coach

"I really was not feeling well before I got it. And now I feel ever so much better." – Social Worker

“When I first started using it, I was a little bit skeptical. But right away, I noticed a difference.” – Architect

“I got much more than I expected with the HealthStep.” – Bank Manager

“Squatting and using the HealthStep, no more creams, no more ointments. I recommend the HealthStep for everyone.” – Retired

“Yeah, I recommend the HealthStep to anyone who wants to improve their everyday life cause it’s helped me a lot.” – Musician

“At this point I will not go without the HealthStep. It’s been really good to me.” – Accountant

“Now, the HealthStep is part of my life. You can’t take it away from me.” – Personal Trainer

“I feel like I have completely eliminated. For one of the first times in my adult life.” – Physical Therapist

“Since I’ve been squatting with the HealthStep, my energy level has gone up ten fold. I feel great everyday.” – Medical Intern

OMG this almost makes me want to go right out and buy one for every toilet I have. Maybe I should keep one in my office just in case. If only they had a celebrity that could vouch for this device that might just seal the deal.

As it turns out apparently Paris Hilton has one in every bathroom in her house. College Downtime had an interview with Paris.

It seems that Nicole Richie on Simple Life 1 had troubles handling the country cooking.

Paris says of this time, "When we were filming the first season of My Simple Life, she got some serious bloating from the country food; ick it was so gross. ...she was like, seriously farting like madstyle. I almost cried it was so bad."

Nicole went out and bought a Healthstep and Paris says immediately "she started raving about it. She was like,"

"Oh my god, this thing feels so much more natural!" and, "Paris, you hafta try this - it's like a vacation for your butt!"

I guess that clinches it (bad choice of words) I must have one of these miracle, FDA approved, vacation for my butt devices today. How about you?


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