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Common Sense Arizona

I saw this on Backcountry Conservative.

Arizona has taken the first step in this country to eliminating voter fraud. Finally a state that get to the basics of voter fraud in proposition 200.

Elections officials across the state are scrambling to enforce the voting provisions of Proposition 200, which became law Tuesday after the Justice Department signed off, making Arizona the first state that requires proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

So when Jassey Salgado registers for the first time after her 18th birthday in June, she will have to present her birth certificate, a passport, her naturalization papers or a driver's license issued after 1996. And when the high school senior shows up at the polls for the first time, she will be asked to show a picture ID that lists her name and address or two other forms of ID that prove her residence. Read on...
Such a radical concept "proof you are a citizen when registering and a photo ID at the polls" this is scandalous. The looney left must be nauseous from this overdose of common sense.