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Badilocks, Naked for All to Read

Baldilocks shares with us her soul and opens up to her readers in these two posts. It is refreshing to hear honest ramblings about life. It is too bad I'm married with kids because I could swear she was describing me as the man she is looking for. Hopefully I have a twin out there somewhere. Married or not I wish here happiness in all she does.

Making Peace with Being Single (Part One) (Part Two)

I’ve been a bit leery of telling any personal stories regarding romantic relationships, but now seems like right the time to do it.

Steve H. tells us why he didn’t want to go to a New Year’s Eve gathering last night. Turns out that someone wanted to fix him up. It’s a valid reason, as far as I can see. I hate being “fixed up” as well, because, generally speaking, none of my friends (and relatives) have any idea what kind of man I’m interested in. It’s not their fault, however; it’s simply because I don’t go on about how there are “no good men out there” nor do I have any great concern about my single status (divorced for twelve years)......