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5000 Americans Unaccounted For

From the AFP comes this report: Hattip-Outside the Beltway

I hear from other sources that rescue efforts are no longer expected to turn up survivors. We can only hope that many of the folks missing will call home soon. It is possible that nature has taken more US citizens this day then the terrorist took on 9/11.

I pray that all who perished in this catastrophe and their loved ones will find peace.

From correspondents in Bangkok
January 4, 2005

AS MANY as 5000 Americans are still unaccounted for a week after the world's deadliest tsunami pounded a dozen countries across the Indian Ocean, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said today.

Mr Powell told reporters aboard his plane en route to Bangkok that the confirmed toll of Americans still stood at 15 with a defence department worker listed as missing.

"The number of private citizens or citizens unaccounted for still lingers around 4-5000," he said, adding the figure was based on phone calls from relatives or friends inquiring about their whereabouts.

Mr Powell said this did not mean they were necessarily casualties in the catastrophe.

But he added: "We can't ignore the very distinct possibility that there are Americans within this number who have lost their lives. We just don't know that".