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Public School Teacher Sues School for Banning God

David Limbaugh comments on the politically correct police.

Steven Williams, a fifth grade public school teacher near San Francisco has filed suit against his school district and principal for prohibiting him from using American historical documents, including the Declaration of Independence, in class because of their references to God and Christianity.

Good for Mr. Williams. Do you see how insane this situation has become -- the one I chronicle in my book? So opposed to Christianity are the secularists that they want to not just prevent the promotion of Christian values, but to remove all historical references to Christianity. In other words, they are so obsessed with purging Christianity that they're willing to remove essential facts from history. Even under the most tortured interpretations of the First Amendment Establishment Clause, there is no way any public school can legally bar references to Christianity. The law even permits the teaching about religion. But this isn't even that.

It's just an incidental reference to it in a historical document. The result is that the anti-Christian, politically correct thought police want to revise and distort history to pretend there was no Christian influence. To remove the Christian influence is to remove a great part of the historical record. Read the rest here.

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