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Gilligan's Island

Meet the real Ginger. Today the producers of the new reality series called "The Real Gilligan’s Island" let us know who the next Ginger would be, Rachel Hunter. I don't know if I'll watch this series or not. The show premieres on Nov 30th. Anyone want to let us know how it goes?

Click Pic for more Rachel Hunter(sfw)

Just sit right back
, and you’ll hear a tale...a tale of a new reality show.

On Monday, “The Real Gilligan’s Island” — a new TBS reality show that drops real people who fit the mold of the original 1960s characters onto an island — announced who will play Ginger, the pampered movie star: Rachel Hunter.

Hunter, the swimsuit model turned actress, “shares the flightiness and aloofness of Ginger,” according to the TBS Web site. “She tends to drift and wander without care for what is going on around her.”