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Wictory Wednesday

Newly discovered documents show that the young John Kerry didn’t just meet with the Communist Vietnamese in Paris. He took orders from them. His activities, when he returned home and denounced his country and fellow soldiers, delighted the Vietnamese Communists and gave them hope that they could defeat America and enslave millions of Vietnamese in a genocidal slave state that persists to this day.

Is this the man you want to see in the White House? Do you want to wake up on November 3 and hear that John Kerry, Communist stooge, is the president-elect?

Do something! Join the 72-Hour Project. Vote early. Get your friends to vote early. Make sure that the Communist stooge is sent home in ignominous defeat.

Today is the last Wictory Wednesday in this campaign. Every Wednesday, hundreds of bloggers have asked their readers to donate or volunteer to an important Republican campaign.

You can find the list of blogs currently participating in Wictory Wednesdays here.