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Truth, Bias or Blinders?

A budding journalist named Chase posts on The Spoons Experience that Media Bias is rare. Here is his argument from the post. Another example of Liberal Blinders.

To be honest, it's all relative. News will always be biased depending on the reader. Sometimes of course, there is actual bias inserted by the reporter, but it is far less than you would think. There's a couple different other factors as well. For instance, when you talk about certain scientific positions, those articles will always lean to the liberal position because the left always takes a position that is concurrent with the newest research and statistics.

For example abortion has all these different projected benefits based on years of research by experts. The conservative position is that its against the bible. Try and write that article without leaning towards the left.

The point is, is that sometimes there just isn't evidence to back up policy from the GOP but there almost always is for a liberal position. As a budding journalist I have trouble trying to make those articles sound unbiased, but most of the time its nearly impossible.

There's other reasons for a slight lean to the left, but it is rarely bias from the reporter themselves. At least in my experience. I used to be a hardcore right-winger too.
Is there any wonder that the MSM is skewed so far to the left. With up and coming journalists like Chase how could they not be biased to the left. Oh excuse me I almost forgot the truth is they aren't biased just right. Who knew? I thought it was bias but I guess I was wrong as usual. Now that I know I feel much better about the MSM.

Thanks Spoons for letting your reader enlighten me.