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Kerry Back In His Element: Slamming the Military

Another from Crush Kerry.

There's an old saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, there's a reason that sayings become "old sayings". Mainly because they've basically been proven correct over time. After listening to John Kerry for the last few days, never has the "old dog" adage been more fitting.

What we're talking about specifically here is John Kerry's slander and criticism of our armed forces. As everyone knows by now, upon his return from Vietnam (John Kerry served in Vietnam, did you know that?) Kerry aided and abetted the enemy with his near-treasonous anti-war activities and speeches calling American soldiers war criminals (one of which spawned our wildly popular original web ad Torture. Not only did he secretly meet with the Communists in Paris during the 1972 peace talks, but yesterday we found out that he was Hanoi's willing puppet, taking orders from them during that time. So it is clear that defaming and insulting the US Military is nothing new to this out of touch gasbag.

But try as he might, Kerry just couldn't abandon his roots, and in the last week has reverted to his true self by slamming the military on a daily basis. This "coming home" is much to the delight of his anti-American, dictator-loving base, symbolized by the and Michael Moore crowds. Read More...