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Fittingly, Kerry Campaign Ending on a Big Lie

From Crush Kerry.

How fitting is it that the Kerry campaign is going to crash and burn in this last week because they made a huge deal out of an outright lie by the New York Times and CBS in an effort to defeat the President? Really, it just couldn't have happened any other way. There's an old saying about stuff like this. We're not sure if it's Buddhist, Confucianism or what, and it goes something like this - "Karma's a Bitch".

For the last 2 years or so the left wing America-haters have been spouting lie after ridiculous lie about George Bush. You could say these were the founders of the movement. You know who they are - the crowd, Michael Moore, Al Franken, the list goes on and on. Originally the claims were about things like phantom voter disenfranchisement in Florida during the 2000 election, and that the President let Osama Bin Laden's family leave the country right after September 11 when American flights were grounded. Read More...