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Gallup poll internals show Bush won, the common folk have spoken!

Last night I penned a post titled "Kerry & the Media thought he Won, before the Common Folk said he Lost" Today The Gallup poll proves me right. You might be in disbelief, after all the headline of the Poll read "Kerry Wins Debate". The lead sentence read:

John Kerry won the debate Thursday night, 53% to 37%
The headline and the lead sentence is the Media talking. Let's look behind the scenes were the true belief of the common folk comes to the fore.

Expressed himself more clearly
Had a good understanding of the issues
Agreed with you more on the issues you care about
Was more believable
Was more likeable
Demonstrated he is tough enough for the job

Let me see if I read this right, Kerry won the debate and he expressed himself more clearly. Despite the large margin of victory both Kerry and Bush were equal on understanding the issues.

This is where it gets interesting and where the common folk speak up. President Bush was more believable, more likeable and agreed with the common folk on more of the issues they care about.

Now the last item is where the common folk speak in a very clear voice. Which candidate demonstrated he is tough enough for the job. President Bush had a clear and commanding lead in this category with a 17 point advantage the common folk believe that President Bush is tough enough for this job and obviously Kerry is still perceived as weak.

Kerry & the media said he won, before the common folk said he Lost.


Just Me said...

Kerry stood tall and elegant. Bush looked tired.
Kerry didn't hesitate, Bush had so many pause's.
Kerry had many plans but never mentioned one of them.
Now a positive note, Bush looked tired because he has so much on his mind, along in traveling around the country.
Bush thought his answers out, instead of having it preplanned.
Bush speaks I think from the heart.
And one of my biggest gripes, is do we really want
Kerrys wife as first lady?...........I don't.