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Kerry & the Media thought he Won, before the Common Folk said he Lost

I'm just one of the regular folk. I heard Kerry say the word plan many times...My Plan is this...My plan is that, I kept waiting for the word lock box to come out of his mouth.

I might have been more impressed with Kerry's performance if I thought he had a set of core beliefs, core values that didn't shift with every new poll and focus group.

The truth however is that at times Kerry might look presidential, he might speak presidential but he lacks the one quality you need to be presidential. You need to be a leader and being in the senate for 20 years, handling a small staff and the occasional constituent does not build in a person leadership. What it does teach you is how to be a politician. He is a fine politician, but he lacks true leadership.

In President Bush you have a man with a clear set of core values. This is not something you can acquire overnight. I'll let others talk specifics about the debate, but what I saw, is one candidate that had core values that I could see and understand and another candidate that lacks any semblance of core values.

To close I will go back to where I started Kerry & the media said he won, before the common folk said he Lost.