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Broken Streaks

For the past 15 elections the incumbent's party has retained the Whitehouse whenever the Washington Redskins have won their final home game prior to the election. Today is the game between Greenbay and Washington, in the end Greenbay was the victor 28-14 (of course the Redskins did have the winning touchdown with 2:43 left nullified by a penalty -would have been 21-20, maybe this indicates the involvement of lawyers and the confusion of the polls)

Bottomline, I guess that means Kerry is our next President......

.....That would be true if this wasn't the year of broken streaks.

Streaks that have gone by the way.

East Germany's women's swim team held the world record for the 4x200 freestyle for 17 years (which in swimming is an eternity) but this year the 17 year streak came to an end.

The Miami Dolphins Football team held the longest winning streak in NFL history for 31 years, this year that streak was broken.

The North Carolina football team had never beaten a top five ranked football team ever, This weekend that run came to an end.

In Major League Baseball George Sisler's 84-year-old mark for most hits in one season came to an end.

The most famous of all of these is the "Curse of the Bambino" which prevented the Redsox from winning a world series for 86 years came to an end this year.

You can clearly see that it is time for the Washington Redskin presidential accuracy to come to an end too. 15 straight elections is a good run but it ends this year.


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