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Greetings, To All Welcome!

When I retired from the Navy after twenty-two years of service. I was read a poem titled "The Watch". This poem outlined how I had protected this great land for twenty-two years while standing the watch. The end reads "“Shipmate the watch stands relieved. Relieved by those you have Trained, Guided, and Led. Shipmate you stand relieved we have the watch."

I am glad that there are those standing the watch even as you read this. I thought that in retirement I could let those that I had trained stand the watch. I now realize that there are watches to be stood in civilian life. This Blog is my watch. I have created this to assist those who do not have the time to ferret out fact from fiction.

Our wonderful "Free Press" is primarily liberal in action and reporting. They go so far as to not even allow a fair discourse of the issues. Because of this slant I have chose to again stand the watch in the name of protecting our country's freedom and our individual liberty. My goal is to separate the Truth from the Lies and infuse a good dose of common sense.

I'm too tired to maintain the arguments/discourse anymore. So now this blog is your little glimpse into my mind. Through photos and links you can share with me my reality.

Drop a me a link or point me to an image you find unique.