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Draft Copy

"Steven" left this as a comment on a Mudville Gazette post. Greyhawk decided it deserved more exposure and turned it into a separate post.

Draft Copy

This note's for Charlie Hagel And Charlie Rangel too.
We hear you want the draft again; your word is, 'we're too few.'

And ignorance is screaming; send politician's sons
And daughters to the battle there, to face opposing guns.

Enlistment ain't a punishment, our units ain't a cell.
We want no men or women here who'll turn their face from hell.

We understand and welcome the sacred charge we hold.
We signed on for this country; whether peace or war unfold.

We've been called 'bands of brothers' we're here to say that's true.
We all train long and hard, and trust all crave to see it through.

Who's at our side is vital, likewise who minds our back.
Our lives are too important for this motivation's lack.

Imagine for a moment, sirs, your re-election's tight.
Would you draft persons off the street to win your little fight?

So Charlies; not to worry 'cause the mission's well in hand.
We'll thank you to reflect on this,

- In Harm's Way We Stand"