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TV Cities List

I want to create a database/list of TV shows and what city or town the story located them. Here are some obvious examples Miami Vice was in Miami, WKRP in Cincinnati was in Cincinnati. A not so obvious one is if you watched "Alice" you knew it was located in Phoenix, AZ.

I would like suggestions left in the comments section of this post.

Thanks to all who help,



W.J. said...

Hi, I'm looking forward to seeing your completed list. Here are some of my faves, off the top of my head:

Starsky and Hutch - Bay City, CA

The Sentinel - Cascade WA

Beauty and the Beast - New York, NY

Stargate: SG-1 - Colorado Springs, Co (and, of course, the entire galaxy!)

The Rockford Files - Malibu, CA

Magnum, P. I. - Honolulu

Jake & The Fatman - Honolulu

Riptide - King Harbour, Los Angeles, CA

Good luck!
~ W. J.

Scotty said...

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Minneapolis

Happy Days - Milwaukee

That 70's Show - also Milwaukee

The Evidence - San Francisco

Simon & Simon - San Diego

Some other eponymously located shows:
Boston Legal
Providence (RI)
Streets of San Francisco
Dallas (Duh! you say. It's where I'm at so I had to set the record straight. Besides, the movie version's soon to be made--tho' mostly in Shreveport, LA.)

'Twas diverting,

Anonymous said...

Shows in Indianapolis, IN:

Good Morning Miss Bliss (first season of Saved By The Bell)

Men Behaving Badly (US Edition)

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