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[Spanish to English, bastante adj.: 1. enough adj.]

We’re with you, George, through thick and thin
We support you still in the mess you’re in,
But enough’s enough and as they say
Bastante! down old Mexico way.
We’re sick of our laws being totally ignored
As our torero, George, you’re getting gored,
Sly foxes laired south of our border
Have reversed the natural feeding order.

This lawlessness on the Rio Grande,
Now threatens us throughout our land,
These narco-terrorists who rule supreme
Have their own ideas of the American Dream:
When terrorist acts bring us to our knees,
Our country they’ll plunder at their ease,
And poison minds of millions more
Till our nation’s but a sickened sore.

All the greatness that precedes you, Sir,
Is at full risk, lest you now stir,
And seize the challenge facing you,
Do what is right, do what is due.
Stand up and seize your destiny,
Preserve this country great and free.
We are of laws, it’s of what we’re made,
So put a stop to this lawless parade.

We’re with you, George, we’re in this fight,
We expect you just to do what’s right.
So get off your duff, Sir, with due respect,
And do what America has a right to expect;
Seriously defend our borders, Mr. President,
Before there’s a nuclear terrorist event;
An event so coldly, treacherously bold,
It will leave your legacy forever cold.

Bastante, George! Americans cry.
In your poco Spanish, you know why

Russ Vaughn