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Should We Carve in Stone an Exit Date from Iraq?

I received this email and rather than get fancy and try to parse their words I thought I would pass on the e-mail in total and allow you all to assist the cause. I want the troops to come home as soon as possible and be safe as much as the next guy but setting an artificial timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is not the way to ensure our troops safety or the continued freedom of the Iraqi people.

Gary and I, the owners of Boxer Watch think it's important to make our voices heard and to counter the naysayers. As we noted in this post, Senator Boxer is circulating a petition demanding a "strategy" and a "timetable" for the mission in Iraq. At the time of this posting, 35,352 people have signed her petition.

We need to make sure that President Bush hears the OTHER side - our support for his efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East in a realistic way.

We have posted a petition at - you'll find it here.

Please sign and show your support for Democracy in Iraq and throughout the Middle East! We also ask that you feature our petition on your blog. Kindly include a link to our post about the petition.

Thank you.