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Boycott Hanoi Jane

I was requested to pass this along from some veterans that Jane Fonda is an unapologetic traitor and that her newest movie should be boycotted. Here is their statement:

On May 13, the movie, Monster-in-Law, starring Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan and Jane Fonda was released nationally.

PLEASE boycott this movie in protest of the TRAITOR Jane Fonda.

If the movie is a box office flop, other stars and movie studios will think twice about appearing with or casting Hanoi Jane in future films.

We can make a difference and this is one way we can let the film industry know we will not pay our hard earned money to see a TRAITOR who disrespected our POW's, causing them great mental and physical pain, slapped America in the face and refuses to apologize for her actions star in a film.

What Jane Fonda did during the Vietnam War went way beyond just protesting the war and is unforgivable and more than "regrettable", to use her words from a recent "60 Minutes" show.

PLEASE send this to all on your e-mail list, especially military veterans and active duty military personnel.

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