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Durham, N.C. – College Republican and conservative columnist John T. Plecnik was forced to play “referee” in the hotly contested race for College Republican National Committee Chairman. CRNC Treasurer Paul Gourley claimed to have upset California State Chairman Michael Davidson in his April 13th press release.

“Michael is the consensus candidate,” said Plecnik. “From California to the Carolinas, from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) to U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Michael is sweeping the nation. I am aware that several credentialing glitches mysteriously gave comparatively small, pro-Gourley states like Maine, Oklahoma and South Dakota more delegates than larger, pro-Davidson states like Illinois, Texas and Michigan. But, Michael is still way out in front.”

Gourley seemed to base his claim to 91 delegates and electoral victory on the endorsements of several, outgoing College Republican state chairmen. Reports indicate that recently released endorsements from New Jersey, Georgia and Mississippi, which supposedly put Gourley over the top, i.e., gave him more than the required 86 delegates, are less than solid. Most notably, Mississippi is said to be firmly supporting Davidson. Reports further indicate that many more states are reconsidering their outgoing leaders’ support for the CRNC Treasurer, who achieved national notoriety last fall by presiding over a much-publicized fundraising scandal.

“Anything’s possible in politics, miracles happen and Gourley might surprise us, but my internal numbers show Michael leading. I wish the kid all the best,” chuckled Plecnik. “But College Republicans need a fresh start—we need Michael Davidson.”



John T. Plecnik
Executive Editor, The Devil's Advocate
Featured Columnist, The Conservative Voice
Policy Advisor, Duke College Republicans
Duke Law, Class of 2006