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Plecnik Attacked By Liberal, College Republican Blog

Durham, N.C. - College Republican and conservative columnist John T. Plecnik was smeared for supporting Michael P. Davidson, the conservative candidate for Chairman of the College Republican National Committee. The liberal blog is rumored to be run by none other than Davidson's opponent, Paul Gourley, who achieved national notoriety last fall by presiding over an infamous fundraising scandal.

Everywhere, newspapers from the Washington Post and Detroit Free Press, to the Seattle Times have reported how elderly Americans were virtually swindled out of millions of dollars, many contributing tens of thousands apiece, by fundraising letters that Gourley signed and approved. The money was spent to maintain a bloated, liberal bureaucracy in Washington and raise still more funds.

"I was told by some readers that a blog was attacking me for supporting Michael and checked out the site," said Plecnik. "Some liberals were decrying my columns as spam and making fun of me. Nothing I haven't seen before."

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Learning that the former state chairman of the Maryland College Republicans, Bryan Shuy, was involved, Plecnik sought to warn him that his continued association with a liberal, malicious and pro-Gourley blog could harm his reputation among true conservatives.

Plecnik dropped Shuy an e-mail, as a courtesy, saying:
"I've enjoyed our conversations, in D.C. and by e-mail. As such, I consider you a friend, or at least, a well-liked acquaintance. From what I can gather, you oppose senseless attacks, and I'm afraid that some are beginning to unfairly attribute a growing number of missteps to you.

A blog to which you contribute has begun to cross the line. Its posts are bordering on ridiculous and people are starting to talk. I am not referring to the listed vote tallies, etc. Everyone has their own theory as to how the CRNC race will play out--the electoral maps/graphs are fun guesses. Rather, the attacks are getting out of hand."
Shuy replied:
"I sincerely appreciate your contacting me and explaining this all. And while we may disagree on the national candidate, please don't think my opinion of you has changed at all--if anything an email like this shows me that there still are good people out there despite all the nastiness of these campaigns. Next time you're up in DC let's get drinks and we can make fun of the whole election. As always, if I can ever be of any help (probably aside from all this stuff) please do not
hesitate to contact me."
Later, Plecnik learned that Shuy was campaigning for Gourley in North Carolina. One of his talking points was to attack a certain "famous columnist" for creating an "outside source" of pressure against Paul Gourley.

"I was flabbergasted," continued Plecnik. "As far as I know, this kid isn't even in the CRs anymore. This kid is a Yankee and he's telling my fellow College Republicans--my fellow Southerners--that I'm the outsider!"

The liberal proceeded to attack Plecnik, today, on April 25th, for the very e-mail that Shuy thanked him for a few days earlier. Apparently, the blog's liberal-in-chief Brian Mazanec was offended that "the Duke Law conservative" didn't have the time to give him a personal phone call.

"Much as I'd like to answer every personal attack and set people straight, I simply don't have the time," said Plecnik. "Apparently this blogger thinks he's important, but I have thousands more readers to think of."


John T. Plecnik
Executive Editor, The Devil's Advocate
Featured Columnist, The Conservative Voice
Policy Advisor, Duke College Republicans
Duke Law, Class of 2006


Anonymous said...

Googled my name and this lame CRNC hit came guys ever going to let bygones be bygones? And for the record, I never campaigned for Gourley in North Carolina nor did I get anything from him. Sad how that election became a battle of personal vandettas...we were all fighting for the same cause and splintered in the process to get there Oh well, I've let it go--hopefully you guys have too. Besides, we're in a corner now with the Dems controlling House and Senate and we need to be a team. Regards, -Bryan