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A Real Web Hunt?

It is nice to be able to check in on the kids remotely, catch your cheating wife, see where your next vacation is, but when the web replaces your next vacation by allowing you to hunt large animals from you computer I think they might have gone too far.

Cameras and guns can be manipulated remotely by computer to kill animals on a ranch near San Antonio, Texas. Photo via

From the San Francisco Chronicle
Point, click and shoot
Live animals can now be hunted on the Web, and state lawmaker wants practice stopped

Lynda Gledhill, Chronicle Sacramento Bureau
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sacramento -- On a Texas ranch, exotic sheep and antelope roam about, offering paying hunters an opportunity to bag some big game.

But when the prey wanders into view, the gun can be fired by someone half a world away with the simple click of a computer mouse. Read the full article
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