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Go to College Full Time and Hold Down a Full Time Job

Back in 85-87 I decided to get my degree. Then there were fewer options. Here is how I did it while working full time teaching digital logic and computer electronics.

18 - I used the college level exam program to acquire 6 credit in each - Humanities, Math, and Science.

36 core - I used a University program that covered the core curriculum on weekends (every other Saturday and Sunday 8 hours each day). This curriculum was provided by the University flying instructors in for every weekend class.

12 core - Four courses were independent study, University directed self pace courses.

9 - Three courses via video tape.

12 - Four at local community colleges.

The remaining electives were converted credits from military schooling in computers, advanced electronics, industrial psychology, health, military science, instructional methodology, etc...

Then I was in the right place to take advantage of a unique program. Today you can accomplish the same thing by just clicking a mouse and checking out the opportunities that exist today. The last two posts were to make you aware. If you want a degree start now.

That said it is time for me to start on my Masters degree. I'll let you know how I accomplish this feat and if it was harder or easier then my last degree almost 20 years ago.