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Human Induced Global Warming? Ray Says Bunk!

Ray over at Give Me Liberty has put into words some of my thoughts on Global Warming. He must have telepathic capabilities. Ray, It's not nice to read someones thoughts without asking.

Head on over an read this straight talk article on Global Warming. Now if we can just get Senator Straight Talk to read this truth about the world we live in, maybe he would step down from that pedestal he always steps upon right before he talks down to us. McCain is a subject for another time. Here is the opening of Rays post and believe me it just gets better.

I do not doubt the overall warming trend on the planet Earth. I do not doubt that man has a tiny fractional part in the warming scheme of things. We do, after all, emit gases very much like those emitted by our environment, in nature. The fact that nature emits more than we ever will is lost on the current generations of supposedly enlightened scientists. The fact that nature has been doing so, since long before we did much more than burn wood in open fires for warmth, is lost upon them also.

Long ago the Earth was very warm and humid and wet. Forget huge ice caps because they just did not exist anything like they do today. This extremely volcanic era actually produced large eruptions which boggle the human mind. One of these caused a human/animal/plant die off that may have nearly made us extinct. It did not however heat the Earth but cool it down precipitously. We are talking about massive change that happened in a few months folks. We have, with a few exceptional years, been trending upwards in temperature ever since. That's right, we are living in the tail end of an ICE AGE. Read more...