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The Beginning

Here I go again. I am currently sick with the head cold of the season. I just had my hours at work changed from a normal M-F day shift to every Sat and Sun from 7pm to 7:30 am with a normal Tuesday, Wednesday day shift. The plus of this is I'll be home three days a week when my kids get home from school.

I am hoping to start my next battle with an initial weigh in on 9 March (post Girl Scout cookie season, my wife is the cookie mom for the troop). Until then I will get some articles together that might benefit us all.

Personally I plan to use Weight watchers' point system. I had signed up for Weight Watchers at Home program previously and it worked well. I used a program called WW Calc on my palm to keep track of everything. When you add the restaurant databases to this program you can go to Red Lobster and look up the menu and points on your palm pilot then add it to your daily journal. To find out about this program go here.

While I'm at it if you are interested in losing weight I highly recommend Dottie's Weight Loss Zone as a site to gather info and share experiences.