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Miracle, Father & Daughter

I was pointed to this post on .blogdaddy by Jen of "reflections - Just My Opinion". Apparently his blog is a finalist in the best daddy blog category of the BOB Awards. This is the first post on his blog I read but it was from a rare honest place that one only gets to through suffering through life. Check out his site and if you were as touched as I was go and vote for him.

I found my ex-wife near death from anorexia and hypothermia outside in freezing conditions, and for a split second which felt like forever, I contemplated turning away and leaving her there. No one would know, and blame would never have come to bear. But I saw my daughter’s eyes in that instant, and I saw a woman who I once loved; I saw another human being. And knowing that she would never let herself see or understand or admit the gravity of the decision I was about to make, the full weight of what I did can never be explained. I don’t really know for sure why myself. I called for help and I saved her on