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A Message For Men

Orson Scott Card had an excellent message in his column this week for the men in the reading audience that I thought I should pass on.

For Men Only:

I mean it ladies. Don’t spoil the surprise.

Guys, look at the calendar. Valentine’s Day is getting close. A couple of weeks off.

I know, I know. For some of you that means you think you don’t have to think about it until Feb. 13. Or 14.

Get a clue, guys. It’s so easy to make the woman you love happy.

Of course they’re appreciative if you show up from work on the 14th with a handful of grocery store roses. (That is, if there were any left by the time you remembered and rushed over to get them.)

But don’t you know what it would mean if you had something for her that showed you were thinking about Valentine’s Day – and, more to the point, about her – in advance?

For instance, what if she opens her drawer – or the fridge – or gets to work and opens her desk drawer – and inside she finds a little gift and a message from you?

Ignore the diamond salesmen. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. It’s almost more romantic if it’s not.

What it should be is something that shows that you know her. A copy of a poem you know she loves. A treat she’s fond of. Even a box of animal crackers – if it comes with a note that says, “When I was 5, this was my favorite treat. Now my favorite treat is your smile.”

Oh, sure, right, you think that’s sappy. Well of course it is! Except when it’s being said by a man to the woman he loves.

And in case you haven’t got the hint yet, Hallmark doesn’t make a card that will mean as much as a handwritten note in your own words.

Have it waiting for her. Show that you planned ahead.

But you still have to get the flowers.