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Holding Up a Mirror to the Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror, the paper that asked how can 59,054,087 people be so dumb (frontpage Nov 4th), also ran a review of Cliff Pickover's ESP Experiment site in 2002. They said:

"It's got to be one of the weirdest sites we've ever come across but it's definitely worth visiting. Pop into http:// pickover/ esp.html and you'll be baffled for days - even months. We don't know how he does it but Cliff Pickover, the site's creator, claims he's conducting an ESP test. Click on one of three eyes, he asks, and then look at six playing cards. Without moving your cursor, pick a card, shout out its name and then click on one of six more eyes. It then tells you which card you chose. It claims to be correct 98 per cent of the time but won't tell you how. Every one of the 60 times we tried - and we did everything we could to trick them - they got it right. Spooky!" (page 45)
Cliff has a great site, but in this review they claim to have gone through the experiment "60 times" and "we did everything we could to trick them" only for Cliff's site to guess correctly all 60 times. Admittedly this parlor trick is fun but before those at the mirror start accusing people of being dumb here in the United States they should take a look in their own mirror.

Go to the site it is definitely worth the visit. If you can't figure out how it is done check the explanations on the site. If you still can't figure it out check the comments below.