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Culture Wars

Cao has a good post touching on the history of the ACLU. Below she outlines some of their current activities and what we might do to keep our culture from being stolen out from under us.

See this: Decades of Shame: A Short History of the ACLU

There is no question that the ACLU’s history is not that of freedom-loving Americans, but of people who are carefully using our own founding documents to take away our freedom.

The ACLU’s holy war against the Boy Scouts, the LA County Official Seal (containing a tiny Cross), holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas – and even the Constitution itself – has unmasked the ACLU as a tyrant less interested in civil rights than imposing judicial restraints that amount to suppression of majority rights by a tiny minority.

Under the guise of ‘protecting American civil rights’, The ACLU has sued to;

- Halt the singing of Christmas Carols in public facilities.

- Deny tax -exempt status for Churches.

- Remove all military chaplains.

- Remove all Christian symbols from public property.

- Prohibit Bible reading in classrooms even during free time.

- Remove In God We Trust from our coins.

- Remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance

- Deny federal funding for Boy Scouts until they admit gays and atheists.

You can join the fight against the ACLU and their ilk by becoming involved with and supporting the following organizations:

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF)

Thomas More Law Center (TMLC)

American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)

The Rutherford Institute

Stop the ACLU Coalition

Here are a few examples of how two of those organizations are fighting back:

ADF Contacts Over 3,600 School Districts Over Attempts To Censor Christmas

ADF: 700 lawyers ready to fight ACLU lawsuits

ADF: Pentagons’ Warning About Boyscouts Is Absurd

Thomas More Law Center: Town of Palm Beach Pays $50,000 In Attorney Fees Apologizes To Women In Nativity Lawsuit

Additional information:

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See how YOUR Senator or Representative ranks with the ACLU. Click here and here.

It’s okay to say Merry Christmas:

“Merry Christmas. Believe It. Say It. Wear it!”