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Confessions of a Blog Ex... I mean Clicker Junkie

Hey there is a new traffic exchange program on the block called Blog Clicker It is a program much like Blog Explosion and is just opening its doors. This system actually allows for cash back for premium service referrals.

The internet is a large ever expanding place. In this vast ocean how can you find interesting Reads. One way is to join Blog Clicker. They advertise it as a way to get traffic to your Blog, but in truth it is an addictive trap.

You get traffic to your blog by reading other blogs (the trap). They have set up an interface that encourages drive-by blog reading (addictive). You read a blog for at least 20 seconds then click the button and you are sent to another blog at random. Each blog you read earns you credit toward having others read your blog.

Hi, My name is Walt and I'm a Blog Clicker addict.

Most of the time I find myself viewing a blog for much longer then 30 seconds or I blogroll it and move on and read it the next time it shows on my blogroll as being updated. Reading other blogs at random has given me a wider outlook on what makes a good blog and creative things that can be done. Try surfing the Blog Clicker today.

Sure it might get you some more traffic to your blog, but it also makes you feel part of a larger community.

Toni of Kaonashi Ga Suki said the following:

There's some small differences. One is that instead of clicking on numbers, you click on little icons to go to the next site. They're kind of cute, actually. Also, the toolbar where the pictures are tends to move. Sometimes it's at the bottom of the page. And the icons themselves are sometimes upside down! I guess it's a way to entice people to pay attention and read the blogs. Another thing is that you don't see a counter. The toolbar just tells you to wait. Probably a way to prevent trigger happy people from jumping the gun and clicking too soon.

One major difference is that while membership is free, if you pay you can upgrade as a "Silver" or "Gold" member and get a 1:1 surf ratio, along with other benefits.

To find out more click the graphic below:

What is BlogClicker is a traffic exchange dedicated to blog sites and focused on bringing traffic to your blogs! You’ve taken the time and effort to put your blog online and we’re here to help you get people to read it!

How does work? It’s simple. You view other member blogs and in return, those members will view your blog. For every 2 blogs you view, someone will see yours! We also offer upgraded memberships and credit packages which give you up to a 1:1.5 view ratio or 1 view per purchased credit!

Is it really FREE? Yes! Standard membership with a 2:1 view ratio is absolutely FREE. In addition, you’ll also have chances to earn bonus views while viewing blogs which means your ratio gets even better! Plus there is monthly contests which offer you the change to win even more traffic and cash prizes too!