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Charlie Brown Heaven

I wasn't blogging when Charles Schulz past on in 2000 but I had this in my files for quite some time. I have recently found out that this was written by Joe Nolte, he comments on its creation:

I was a bit late for February, which was fortuitous, in a way. I hadn't come up with anything sufficiently inspiring, and was, as a result, stalling for time. I have alluded to the influence current events would occasionally have on these columns during 2000 and 2001, and this is the first instance.

I was about to produce a probably sub-standard column returning to Valentine's Day, when word reached me that Charles Schulz had passed away. I was, to say the least, profoundly saddened - and I knew I had to do something in tribute.

Unbidden, Ernest L. Thayer's famous poem "Casey At The Bat" came to mind.

This thing wrote itself rather quickly, I must say.
I put this poem on an image that I thought did it justice. To view a text only version click here.