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700 Sundays, Touch Someone You Love Today

Another gem from Neil Cavuto. I love Neil, his show is great and his outlook on things is refreshingly honest. My only problem is I never get to see his show because of my work schedule. But today while surfing I found this on American Mom from Neil's column on the FoxNews site titled Crystal Clear. (When I first glanced at the title I thought it was a hattip to Crystal Clear not the title of the piece).

Anyway here is another touching reminder that we must tell those that we love "that we love them". Well Done Neil.

The other night, my wife and I caught comedian Billy Crystal's Broadway show, "700 Sundays." Believe me, I'm no theater reviewer, so I won't play one now. But I do have to tell you, it's an amazing show.

In it, Crystal recounts the first 15 years of his life — the roughly 700 Sundays he enjoyed innocently before his dad died of a heart attack. But what struck me was crystal's message in the very end — and I mean the very, very end.

After all the laughter and yes, all the tears — the show was that moving — Crystal came out for the obligatory and deserved standing ovation. In thanking everyone for coming, he harkened to the characters and memorable family members highlighted in the show, most now long gone.

"We all have special people in our lives," he said. "Call them, while you still can."

It was simple — but powerful.

How many of us wish we had our loved ones with us? For just one more cup of coffee? For one more laugh? For one more meal around the table?

Time has a way of taking them from us.

Leave it to Crystal to crystallize not letting time take them so fast that we don't squeeze in a quick call — maybe several quick calls — before they're gone forever.