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Pennsylvania State of Mind

I grew up in Bucks County, Pa. I have much of my family there and was intrigued to find a blogger covering politics from a Pennsylvania point of view. I would like to hear his views of their current Governor Ed Rendell. I think Gov. Rendell might be one of the few national democrats that isn't part of that lunatic left fringe that seems to have taken over the Democratic party. Gov. Rendell has usually been a fairly straight shooter and he may be one of the democrat's last hopes at digging back into middle America for votes.

Here is the latest post from Politics Unplugged. Head on over and check out the other stories on his site.

Bill Murray would be proud.

I tried to post this yesterday, but apparently was in the middle of a spasm. An article over at Keystone Politics said that Pennsylvania's most famous rodent, Punxsatawney Phil, was going to Washington DC to hold a news conference in defense of the $100,000 tax payer dollars being used for a Punxsatawney Weather Discovery Center. This weather center basically amounts to a Punxsatawney Phil Museum. I'm not even going to get into this. Take a look at Chris's quality posting over at Grassroots PA for run down of how old Phil did in his out of season political debut. Oh, and my apologies for bringing Sen. Santorum into this. The official "Porker of the Month" in this case is Rep. John Peterson R-PA, out of the 5th district. As you can see by his site, his district not only covers Punxsatawney, but also the largest free roaming elk herd east of the Mississippi!! I hear if he doesn't get them a nice grant, they are starting a PAC to get him out of office next election....