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Novice HTML/CSS Coder

I posted this on the 1st of December. Last night I was struck again. Added some code, everything looked great in firefox. I wasn't doing anything experimental so I didn't look at IE. Today at work around 5pm I checked it out and the right sidebar was stuck at the bottom of the page. I corrected it, turned out I had an orphaned /div tag. But for 20 hours it was hosed in Internet Explorer but looked great in Firefox.


Every time I get frisky and decide to modify this blogger template, everything goes great until I remember that most people use Internet Explorer to view web pages. At this point I exit Firefox and go into the world that is Internet Explorer...

...and scream... because nothing looks like it use to. Firefox is either very forgiving or exacting in it's open source standards, because it always looks great in Firefox. If you haven't switched to Firefox please do so now and save us hackers from ourselves.

While I'm ranting how many people still code for the 16% still using a screen resolution of 800x600 or less? This also drives me nuts.

Alright I feel better now, thanks for listening.