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Most Underreported Stories of 2004

AIM Announces Most Underreported/Buried Stories of 2004 here are few.

1. How CBS and the Kerry campaign allegedly broke federal election law in trying to defeat President Bush. This is the subject of a Federal Election Commission complaint.

3. The lies and inaccuracies in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, including the claim that the FBI didn't screen the Saudis who were in the U.S. and left shortly after 9/11 for terrorist connections. Also, Moore's claim on his web site that Iraqi terrorists were comparable to America's Revolutionary War heroes.

4. How the Senate Intelligence Committee report and the Lord Butler Report in England discredited Joe Wilson's charges against the Bush administration regarding Iraq seeking uranium from Africa.

5. How and why MIT's Dr. Richard Lindzen, perhaps the country's leading climatologist, doesn't accept the man-made global warming theory.

9. How Senator John Edwards used "junk science" in some of the cerebral palsy lawsuits that made him rich.

17. John Kerry's failure to release all of his military and medical records.