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Miss World Contest Approaching Climax

Powerline had this story on their site and for a minute I was excited with anticipation of the Miss World Contest coming to Climax. You see I live here in Climax, NC and the biggest thing we have each year is the local rodeo. So seeing that the Miss World Contest was approaching Climax indicated that I had missed some big announcement........

............sometimes you should just stop with the headline. Alas the Miss World Contest won't be coming to Climax, NC after all. But for those interested check out the story anyway.

Miss World Contest Approaching Climax

The Miss World contest is almost over. The preliminary event winners have been named; the photo below shows, from left to right, Top Model Miss Mexico; Talent award winner Miss Antigua; last year's Miss World, Rosanna Davison; Sports award winner Miss Wales; and Beach Beauty winner, Miss USA:


To see the latest wagering odds, go here. Miss USA is the current betting favorite, followed by China, India, Antigua, and Mexico. You can see all of the contestants here. You can vote, too, on the Miss World site. This year, I have to say, I kind of like the talent.