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Man acquitted for raping in his sleep

No comment from me on this one.

The 34-year-old man from northern Norway explained at Inderøy county court that he was sleeping and that he did not wake up until the woman screamed for help.

The court stated that it does not doubt that the two of them had sex while they were lying on the sofa, and that the woman was sleeping when the intercourse started, but the court can not rule out that the man was not sleeping when the intercourse started. The lay judges claim that if the man indeed was sleeping, he was unconscious according to the law, and as a result the man was acquitted for rape.

The 34-year-old’s lawyer Christian Wiig said to the paper that he himself does not know if it is possible to rape someone while sleeping.

«I’m no expert, so I can’t answer that question directly,» Wiig said. «However, during the trial one of the man’s former live-in-girlfriends testified stating that similar things have happened on several occasions before.»

The prosecuting authority has not yet decided whether or not to appeal the case.