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A Light in the Night

GreyHawk received the following email and wished that it be past on.

Hello team Grayhawk,

I know Sgt. Lizzie is not part of the MILBLOG ring so may be off the radar.

With less than 20 days till a return trip home, her unit unfortunately made a CNN brief "One soldier was killed and another wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near Al-Ghalibiyah, just west of Baquba, U.S. military officials said. The bomb was targeting a U.S. convoy, officials said."

She phrased it another way "As you have already heard, I got my happy ass blown up."

Damn tough job you folks have. Thank you for your perseverance, and dare I say 'satirical humor' when faced with adversity.

Cin in SoCal
I went to Lizzie's page and she is one positive bundle of energy. She has a spirit that I would love for any of my children to have at her age. After she was injured her mom posted this to her blog.
I am Liz's mum she wanted me to come and tell you all she is OK and will be back when she can. Liz was on a convoy early this morning when her LMTV was hit by an IED. If you are watcing CNN or reading other news hers is the one near Bouquaba. Liz has injuries to her face she lost two teeth she has laceration to her legs and her ankle is hurt enough she can't walk on it right now but should be fine soon. Please keep her in you thoughts and prayers and remember also the family of the other soldier. (read the news)

Liz wants you all to know she will miss you and will try to get to a computer to start bloggin again ASAP. She was in good spirits when she called me this am and said to tell you "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
She is coming along and talks about the day she was wounded in action.