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Jacob's Home for Christmas

Here is an update to my Thanksgiving post. My niece, Tricia, writes that Jacob is home from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He was born on September 25th, he was a good size at 6lbs 3 ozs and almost 21 inches long. But he was premature and not everything was developed properly. It took a while to diagnose but it came down to a case of acid reflux that would spill into his lungs. Many anxious prayer filled moments and one operation later to help him control the spillage and it looks like Jacob is on the road to being a baby again.

Caitlynn and Jacob

Today Tricia writes:
Ahhhhhh Huge sigh....

Jacob has been home 9 days!!! (total 14 days now!!) Christmas day was very relaxing. Mom and Paul came over around 9...and we opened gifts. Jacob slept though most of it! He's been wearing some 6-9 mo outfits cause of his length...but still fits nicely into 3-6's. Which is good cause he got about 15 outfits for Christmas! He spent his gift card to walmart today...and got himself 2 Tony Stewart Onsies. It wasn't daddy's first choice but Caitlynn sure will love them! Caitlynn is at with mom and paul today. Christmas with Paul's family is in North Jersey this year. Someone there isnt feeling too well...and we thought it best to keep Jacob away. I'm sure they will get to meet him soon though, maybe after cold/flu season is over.

Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas....and has a Fabulous 2005!!!!!

With Love Always!!!
Trish, Frank, Caitlynn & Jacob Samuel!

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