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I've Been Farked, Flawless

I have another blog titled illusions etc... and Friday, 17 Dec at 7pm this link went to the front page of This blog was started by me on 27 November and I had just celebrated breaking the 500 visitor plateau. Below is a snapshot of what happened next.

Before this the highest day I had was 99 unique visitors. I was just starting to get the occasional search engine hit.
Referrer Totals: SearchenginesUnique Visitors
Google 9 45.00%
Yahoo 9 45.00%
MSN 2 10.00%

Then I was farked.

At this point I have to say Blogger was outstanding. Approximately 75,000 unique visitors between 7pm Friday and midnight and Blogger worked flawlessly. I even changed and republished my blog twice during that time. The only hiccup I had was with the university that I use to store my images. Students on break between semesters so they scheduled major down time to take care of some emergency shutdown issues. For a couple hours between about 5 and 7am(EST) no pictures were served. The outage ended as planned and the assault continued.

Saturday the site saw about 80,000 unique visitors and around 130,000 page views. Still Blogger worked great and never had a problem. I expected problems, knowing that Blogger was a free service. I figured anything is worth what you paid for it. Those problems never happened. The post editor in Blogger sometimes causes me pause and occasionally I get locked out for a short time, but with performance like this I think I'll forego paying for a separate host site and software.

It is now 2:40am Sunday morning and the stream has slowed, only 1,564 unique visitors and 3,270 pageviews so far this morning. Anyway it was fun.